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4E - FAQs

How can this site benefit me?

This service allows users to go beyond a diary, journal or memoir. Detail the private stories behind timeless pictures. Leave romantic memories you may want to share with someone you love deeply. Based on what you like to write, what images or audio you’d like to leave, the benefit of someone reading or hearing your views in the future will be of great benefit.

Why do you need my date of birth?

Upon the user passing away; the accurate date of birth of the user will be required to validate the request for the users account from the designee (s).

Our goal is to use this date to ensure we have the correct user when processing the sharing of account data.

Is 4EverEternal available as a mobile APP?

Yes, it is available in the Google Play store as of Nov/2015.

The Iphone App is coming soon.

Got questions, suggestions or feedback we’d love to hear from you: Support@4EverEternal.com

If I sign up and then die, the subscription will no longer be paid.
Will my account then close? Do my designees have to pay?

Inactive accounts are locked and will not be released until 4EverEternal receives notification and verifies the request with required documentation (death certificate, newspaper obituary, date of birth *addition forms of verification may also be required).

Designees do not pay anything. They simply set up a free account and receive what the user placed on 4EverEternal to be passed on. The designee has the option to subscribe just like any new user.

4EverEternal aims to create a system of giving rather than burden family/friends with something they may cost them a fee in the future.

What happens if my payment information is not valid (such as my credit card changes or expires)? Will I lose all my work?

When a user signs up for 4EverEternal they receive a free book. This is our “free tier”.

Users receive an email if any payment is invalid. The account reverts back to the “free” tier and no work is lost. If an account has multiple books, they will only be able to access their 1st original “free’ tier book.

If I sign up for a month and use the site for 2 weeks what happens after that?

Accounts are subscription based, once the month or year has expired, accounts are locked.

Accounts can be reactivated buy the user at any time. The unused time does not carry over.

The account will revert back to the default “free tier”.

Does this account replace a Will or Trust I currently have?

No, the 4EverEternal account doesn’t replace or supersede a Will or Trust.

4EverEternal adds value to your Will and Trust by allowing you to explain in details your intent for the Will or Trust.

How do I notify 4EverEternal of a passing? What happens in that process?

Designees will receive an email with a link that someone has made them a designee on 4EverEternal. They will use this link to notify us of a life event.

Once 4EverEternal receives notification, we verify the authenticity of the claim and process the request.

A processed request would be confirming the passing, the designee setting up an account with 4EverEternal which allows that designee to view (for free) the account that was given to them.