4EverEternal TM - It will “save” your life

About Us

4EverEternalTM is a limited liability company, LLC that will provide the most comprehensive time capsule website, updated mobile application coming soon. The service allows the user to leave memories, milestones and to write the “Story of their life”, saving their most important memories, photos, and more — thus leaving a legacy of their life. Then upon the user’s death; access to the account will be left to designated family members and/or friends.

Inspired by the death of his own Father at a young age, creator and founder Douglas A. Davison wanted to leave more to his children, family and friends. Mr. Davison feels “If you have life insurance great, if you don’t get some. But also leave more than a financial benefit, leave instruction on values, traditions, humor and wisdom”.

The company hopes the service benefits individuals, families and communities. In the coming months we’ll be doing what startups do; promoting, improving our service and saving lives.

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